Maximise use of your frequent flier miles

Do you have hard earned, valuable miles or award points with any airline?

Would you like to use these miles to book some great value travel near or far, perhaps in business or first class?

That is where we can help. We specialise in working out the best way to get what you what from your miles, finding ways to get the most for the lowest cost.

Airlines unfortunately do not make it easy to really see how to do this. There are so many options of different routes, different connections and different airlines you can use. They will often tell you a particular route is not available as and when you want to fly it, and won’t try to find flexible alternatives for you. In most cases there are alternatives which work.

Whatever you want to use your miles for, we can help with advice through to  route planning and booking:

Treat yourself or your family to a vacation with business / First class flights

Using your miles to fly in business or first class is often great value, and of course an excellent experience. As premium business offerings, airlines will always have high ticket prices for such travel, but can be obtained for only a small additional amount when redeeming airline miles.

Plan a multi-stop travel adventure, visiting several countries or even travel ‘around the world’

Redeeming miles with airlines is very flexible and you can often combine many flights, with several airlines, into one award. If you are looking to make a trip to several destinations, this can be very easy to plan, and again offer great value compared to purchased tickets, which are often much less flexible in this area. We give some ideas of routes  we have booked before in the examples section.

Use miles for upcoming business trips

You can also get great value redeeming miles for your business travel. Flights aimed at business travellers, such as those at peak business travel times or those with short stays away, often cost much more when paying cash. Rates for redeeming miles on those flights remain the same, and in fact availability of flights at such times is often very good as there are few travellers choosing to redeem miles at those times. This can be especially good for small businesses and those self employed.

Whatever your needs if you want to start planning how to get great value , and memorable travel, out of your airline miles just get in touch and I will do my best to help.

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